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The Tonic, a 2,000-seat Art Deco cinema where generations of Bangorians flocked to see the blockbusters of the day, sadly burned down in 1992. But we want that love of great films to live on in The Court House.

Run by a small group of sociable movie buffs, The Tonic Classic Film Club shows outstanding films you might otherwise miss: golden oldies; arthouse, independent and foreign-language masterpieces; overlooked gems. The only criterion is that every title is a bona fide classic.

Our fully-seated theatre delivers a ‘big screen’ experience with an intimate vibe – that you can further enhance with a glass of something nice from the Open Arms bar.

Normally screened mid-week and modestly priced at £8 or less, each film opens with a short introductory talk. And afterwards, we’ll be happy to chat about it at the bar. See below for all previous screenings. Hope to see you there and please help spread the word – you can find us on Facebook & Instagram.

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History of The Tonic Cinema

Designed by the foremost cinema architect in Northern Ireland, John McBride Neill, and considered his masterpiece, The Tonic was the largest cinema in Ireland with 2,001 seats at the time. The Tonic was not just a cinema, but originally housed flats and shops in its structure. It had a 49 feet wide proscenium, a stage 25 feet deep and five dressing rooms. The auditorium was also equipped with a Compton theatre organ, one of two in Northern Ireland. It also had a restaurant and a ballroom attached. Closed in 1983 after being used as a single cinema for its entire operation.

It was designated a Grade II Listed building, but in early 1992, an application was made to de-list it, to enable demolition for a sheltered housing project. Coincidentally the derelict building was then severely damaged by a fire on 21st June and it was demolished a few weeks later.


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